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Upon arrival to this site you are immediately offered tons of discounts to help you with the cost of services. Don’t let the name fool you, does more than just essays. They offer a variety of services besides essays that include resumes, cover letters, and is one of a few resume writing services that we saw that have LinkedIn Pro Bio service offered.

The Staff has contracted some of the top writers in the industry that they match with your job description to bring you the best possible assistance in preparing your resume.

Writing your resume is an inclusive process, and the staff of writers and designers at are in constant contact with their clients to make sure that they are involved every step of the way.
The professionals will ask you pertinent questions about your employment history so that they are prepared to write a document that is ready for the HR manager’s desk.

We liked that they had open communication 24/7 for any questions you may have about your process.

Services and Pricing

Another plus from this site was how easy it was to navigate through their pages. Everything is laid out for you, and you get to choose from a plethora of services.

The way the service and pricing pages are laid out gives the consumer the ability to build their own package per their resume needs. This was a plus.
Some of the services and prices are as follows: (we highlighted some that we thought were particularly awesome).

Resume writing $89.95
Resume editing $64.95
CV writing $129.95
CV editing $104.95
Cover letter writing $39.95
LinkedIn® Pro Bio $69.95
Resume design services $155.95
Resume/CV review $197.95
Basic Package: Resume + CV writing $103.95
Resume Package: Resume + Cover letter writing $129.90
CV Package: CV + cover letter writing $135.95
Full Resume Package: Resume + Cover Letter + Thank-you/Follow-up Letters $134.95
Full CV Package: CV + Cover Letter + Thank-you/Follow-up Letters $164.95

Additional services:

New! E-Cover Letter Writing $4.95
Online Resume Storage $9.95
Resume Distribution to Employment Agencies $59.95
Thank You & Follow-up Letters $49.95
KSAs - Knowledge, Skills, Abilities $59.95
Interview Tips $1.99
List of International Recruiting Agencies $1.99
List of 10 Top Job Sites $1.99

Not only do you get to choose from a vast list of services, but at there is a dropdown that lets you choose what level job you need the resume written for:

1. Entry
2. Professional
3. Career change
4. Executive
5. Military
6. Federal

We found this useful because not everyone is at the same level in their lives and knowing you had so many choices was a good indication that they are not using templates to mass produce resumes.

Everything that is specified on this site made us aware of their constant concern for the consumers right to full exposure. As you choose different services you get an ongoing price tabulation right there and then. There were no hidden costs as you navigated the website.

What influenced the pricing

The main things that influenced how the price fluctuated was what you specified, such as:

  • The service you wanted
  • The Level of employment you were seeking
  • How fast you wanted it completed (the average was from 5 days down to 24 hours)

Promises of On-time Delivery
No matter what service that was asked of them, promised on-time delivery of your resume when you were promised it. Their site says of delivery times:

  • “We say firm “NO” to delivery delays
  •   We know what Urgency means
  •   We are always on time”


The pros of are diversity of services and choice to create your own package. Compared to other sites the prices were competitive and low cost/quality work.
Ongoing tally of choices so that you are not surprised at the end. You can pick and choose from a list of services and take them off if you change your mind. We played with this and it was accurate throughout our visit.

24/7 assistance was a +. Consumers have the opportunity to call and speak to representative about their case at any time and that is always a plus for those that make out list.

Ongoing customer support from the writer that did your work. This is where keeping notes on who you talked to came in handy. If you remember who you worked with you can ask to have that person to work with again and again.


The only con we found was in the name of the site. It can make feel like are in the wrong place, especially if you don’t click the services tab to find that they do offer a resume writing service as well as essays for academics looking for papers to be written.

A Consumers Thoughts

I would recommend this site to those that love choice. It was fun navigating to see how much this site offered and I even read a few of their blog pages. The site was fun and engaging and the quality of work they put out is a testament to why they landed on our top resume reviews page.

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