Pages Review is a website that offers pre-made templates for users to build their own resume.

They offer:

1. Free resume templates
2. Free resume samples
3. Free resume formatting
4. Free resume builder

For a job hunter looking for a professional writing service this website offered to lead you to other writing services that will do it for you but they do not provide that service. This is a site for tips and tricks on how to develop your own resume.

Services not found

We tried to surf their site to see what services they offered for professional cover letters, which they said we could find for $30, but when we clicked the link we were directed to the same site that we were already on and only “create your own cover letter” was available to click.

Powered by Google Ads

Although we wanted to give an in-depth consider this service the webpages did not lead to anything but Google Ads that we would have had to click to get information that is readily available on the web for anyone wanting sample templates etc. There is nothing on this site that remotely offers anything besides freebies.

This site give a visitor the feeling of being a store front for other businesses that are linked to Google some way.

The selling page

We finally clicked the career sites page and was routed to a list of job sites such as, The Ladders, Vault’s Job Board and a host of others. is good for those that want links to other businesses, but so is a search engine. Compared to an actual search engine, it is lacking and it would do a resume buyer good to go to a professional site, not this one.

The Mission Statement

Although their mission statement clearly says that their mission is to assist job seekers by producing winning resumes and cover letters, in the very next statement under that, they are answering a question from a customer who asked do they write resumes, that they do not but they suggest those that do.

This company seems to be in its fledgling stage. It is not for serious resume shoppers.

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