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The first thing we noticed about this website is how hard it was to land there. It was overly crowded with content so it made it extremely lagged. We tried from a cell-phone also because we know how important it is for job seekers to be able to access the progress of their resume writers when they want to.

The next thing that was disappointing was that the first draft was only available within 72 hours after we submitted all our information to the writers. There was no allowance for a fast resume within 24 hrs.

Complaints Posted

When we see that a site has listed that they have an A+ with the BBB we take this opportunity to look, and what we found is that this site has two negative reviews only. We know that businesses pay to have their names listed on this site, but what we didn’t know is that businesses don’t follow up to see that they have negative input on their BBB site. This one should have. The negativity experienced by these customers was the same sort of complaint; content was not different from what they sent in, this company just used the same words but pushed them around a bit.


This service offers guaranteed rewrites but only after 60 days after you receive your final draft. We thought this was a long time to have to wait for a rewrite considering that you have one-on-one service from the writers. Why would a customer have to wait 2 months to have a resume re-written that they are not satisfied with if you guarantee satisfaction? Their site says they will work with you until you have a resume you are happy with, but this is with stipulations on their time frame, not the customers.


Prices for the services on this website were high and confusing to find. They seemed to change from service to service and had packages that were not easy to decipher. Instead of putting the categories on one centralized page you had to skip all over the website to find them, and this is not easy to do for some people that depend on their cell phones to get this type of service done.

We thought that for students this would not be a good site to order from. The majority of students cannot afford the high prices of

Cover Letters/Multi use?

We have done extensive research into the importance of the cover letter. The one thing that professional resume writers agree on is that the cover letter is one of the most important parts of your resume process. This site offers multi use cover letters which gives us the impression that they are fill in the blank type forms, which are not what a cover letter should be.

Professional suggest that you change your cover letter to suit the type of job you are applying for. They should not be a template that is just changing the name of the company or the dates.


If this website is any indication of how their resumes will be written, then there would be multiple instances of repeats. We found that from page to page, the information communicated on this website was repetitive and didn’t say anything different from offer to offer. Read another resume writing service reviews on  .

The only thing that was clear is that they want to be paid, and paid well for a product that is sub-par.
We give the service offered at and F for failure to communicate its product in a way that was beneficial for the client.

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