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The personalized service that is offered at will get you excited about their offerings, but it is the offerings themselves that will keep you coming back to do business with them. From the cv they write, to the profiles they enhance, they have an extensive line of products and writers that will have you in the interview seat in no time. The following is just a list of some of their services:

  • Personalized Attention to Who You Are

Top resume writers all agree that the customers input is one of the defining attributes to developing a complete and concise resume. If you are not a part of the process, the resume will not represent you.
With that in mind, is one of our best offerings because of the personal hands on business they take pride in. They do not believe in handing off templates and letting you go for yourself, so look forward to being a part of the process.

  • Diverse Writers Representative of Your field

Not only does this service match writers that have been in your field, but many of their writers have been HR managers and will write a resume that they know will work.

  • Communication Along the Writing Process

The writers at will be in direct contact with you up until your final resume draft. We liked that they wanted your feedback and allowed for all the changes and updates you wanted, even after the final draft is in your hands. It is always about customer satisfaction with this service.

  • More Than One Version Offered

We liked the idea of having more than one version that this resume writing service offered to its consumers. This allows for flexibility when needing a different opening for different jobs you may be applying too.

  • Staffed by Those that Know How 

The professionals hired by have been hired due to their knowledge of resumes, resume help and assistance to the consumer. Their knowledge has been tested before being hired by this company to bring you the best product.

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How it works?


There were three services listed and priced as follows:

Resume Writing Service From $89.95
Resume Editing Service From $64.95
Resume Design Services From $155.95

Resume Writing Service

This document is one that you will need more than a few times over your lifetime, it is also one that you want done right the first time and any additional times after that. not only produces your resume that will get noticed by HR managers, they also service you after the work is done.
The writers at research what is trending now in your field and match your information to what is needed on a resume to get you an interview. has not only writers but they also know how important it is to have top designers handling your resume. You want your resume to pop-out among the stack of hundreds, sometimes thousands that land on a HR managers desk.
They offer transparency on their pricing, there are no hidden fees that creep up later after the work is done.
They will answer all your questions about the company and how your business will be handled. You will have open communication with your writer and your designers from the time you log in till your job is complete.
The team at are equipped to handle all types of job offerings because they are up to date in what is trending across hundreds of job markets.

Resume Editing Services

Getting your resume out there is hard work, but it sucks when you get no responses. Months past and you wonder, “What am I doing wrong?

It may be that your resume just needs a good editing trip to They offer professional editing of your resume and we found the cost to be competitive. The work outstanding!
Some of the features of the editing process that they provide are as follows:
Rewrites- sometimes the language on your resume is not doing your qualifications justice. This service offers to rewrite lines that are confusing and are not getting you in the door.
Keyword Usage- descriptions change with the times and this team has the software that will scan your old document looking for what is lacking that those that do the hiring are looking for.
Old info removal- there may be things that may have a negative impact on your resume. gets rid of the old and updates to new.
Language Upgrade- you don’t want to walk into today’s high technical companies sounding outdated and won’t allow you to. They will update your old resume to reflect today’s tech language.
New Info- you have changed over the years and so has what you have been doing. Along with your input, will bring your resume up to date and assist you with getting into the HR managers office.
Promote readability with font usage and spacing.
They will do a comprehensive check to make sure spelling and grammar errors are not present.
The professionals at will use power words that get the right message across.

Resume Design Service offers two options when hired to design you resume:
1. They can do both the writing and designing (recommended)
2. Send in an existing resume to be redesigned. They don’t really recommend this option due to some of the sent in resumes not having the quality content to go along with their exceptional designs and your resume can lose it’s effectiveness. But no matter what you choose your resume will be treated and handled professionally.

Additional Services

We were impressed with the packages offered at this site. They were not only cost competitive for the quality of service provided, they offered a job listing site for an additional very low cost.
CV Editing $104.95
Cover letter writing  $39.95
Full CV Package: CV + Cover letter + Thank-you/Follow-up Letters $164.95
List of 10 Top Job Sites $1.99

Why choose

We have listed this service here due to it’s personal touch and competitive pricing. We liked that they only hire the best of the best to work on consumer resume’s and offer ongoing assistance after the work is completed.
For the pros, they are all here, but as for the cons we couldn’t find any to present to you at this time. For service in resume writing we find that is riding with the best of the best in our online experience.
Personally, when it is time to update my resume, this is one that I will consider for my design piece. I like that they do not use templates but make each resume unique to the client’s information.

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