Pages Review seems to be more of an informative site than a writing resume service.  They take you through a step by step process that you can use to develop your own resume with the use of their resume building software.

To have access to these tools you can subscribe to their site. There is a membership fee depending on what tier you want to be a part of, for instance:

The trial version for 7 days is only 1.95, but make sure  you stop using it if you don’t like it because then it’s $29.95 per month
We were not quite sure why there was an additional monthly subscription offered for $8.95 a month. It was the same type of subscription so why the different prices? This was not explained.
Then there is the $49.95 yearly subscription which like the previous two, gives you the opportunity to come back and use the tools on the site to change your resume if need to.

We do not suggest using this type of software on a subscription basis. If you pay for using the software to get a resume, why is it that you cannot change your resume on your own Word software once it is complete?

They are offering the use of their software to create new versions, make edits, and store you work long term. All of this can be done on you own computer and even on a smartphone.

Personal services

In addition to their subscription services, offers 3 additional personally crafted resume options, they are:

1. Entry level- when you have 0-1-year experience. Cost- $119.00
2. Professional level resume development. For the person moving up in the world. Cost-$249.00
3. Executive level. This level was the most expensive and geared towards those that are trying to get employment in the upper levels of the company. Cost- $399.00

There was a discount offered if you chose cover letters, Social profiles, or added time to your order, but the 50.00 to have your resume ready within 2 days was a bit high for us.
You are then given 7 days to get help making changes. has many writers that have 5 or more years of experience in the HR field or related fields, and they have all written blog posts that are very informative.

Job Search vs. Resume Writing

ResumeEdge had 2 things we thought were worth sticking around for, prices and blog posts that helped you write your own resume by giving you great tips to follow.
If we want to write our own resumes this may be the site to try.
There was no mention of the types of resume problems that a job seeker could run into, like ATS, or formatting or design. Without the mention of these types of issues we wondered if their company was up on the technical side of the resume writing community.

Resume options

The site seemed a bit entry level as a resume writing company and the prices fit what we think you would get from them. Templates were offered and they may use them on every level of their offers.

Consumers Note

Do not put your resume writing needs in the hands of those that are giving you all the information you need to write your own resume. Especially if they are offering a resume builder that includes templates.

We don’t think that subscription services are something someone looking for a resume needs.
Your resume is something that if you are not good at writing, you should get a professional to take care of it. Good luck in your job hunt.